Sunday School

The community of the Annunciation has a longstanding tradition of education and catechesis. Our founding fathers and mothers established our community in an effort to establish the foundations for a brighter future for their children and grandchildren. This included a strong appreciation and understanding of the teachings and values of our Orthodox faith.

We offer catechetical programs for both children and adults. In this way, we help plant the seeds of our faith in the hearts of our little ones and reinvigorate and revitalize this spark in our adults.

Our children are taught and gently guided by dedicated teachers. Children have lessons on Sundays, in a traditional "Sunday School" model. However, our approach to catechism is unique because our children are also introduced to different aspects of our faith through field trips and a "hands-on approach."

Along with our youth program, our community offers numerous opportunities for adults to expand their appreciation of the Orthodox Church. There are weekly lectures and Bible-study classes led by our parish priest, and we have special presentations made by other distinguished clergymen and theologians throughout the year.

Youth catechism classes are taught on Sunday's during the Divine Liturgy, starting immediately after Holy Communion. The teachers lead the students out of the Nave and to the classrooms. This is not a "drop-off" class. Parents are required to remain in the building during the class. The classes run for 30-45 minutes, and the children are returned to their parents in the Demas Hall during the "coffee hour."

There is no need to pre-register for the youth catechism. Simply find the teachers sitting in the first pew during Divine Liturgy, and introduce your child to a teacher.

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