125th Anniversary News

125th Anniversary News and Updates

In case you haven't already heard the Annunciation Parish Community celebrates the 125th Anniversary of its founding this year. To mark this milestone, we've launched a year-long series of programs and activities. We need your vintage Annunciation photos! See section below.

If you can't attend the 125th Celebration but would like to make a commemorative donation

 September 30, 2017

Historical Landmarks Walkathon

Walkers meet at 9 AM at Judson Memorial Baptist Church
West 4th & Thompson Streets

Enter at  243 Thompson Street 
(it's the first door on the right just south of Washington Square Park)

  1.  9:00 AM Gather at Judson Memorial Church (enter at 243 Thompson Street, near West 4th Street).
  2.  9:15 AM Begin program inside Judson - tour, talk, skit.
  3.  9:45 AM Depart Judson.
  4.  Proceed west along West 4th Street to Avenue of the Americas.
  5.  Right onto Avenue of the Americas and proceed north.
  6.  Left onto Greenwich Avenue and proceed northwest.
  7.  Right onto Eighth Avenue and proceed north.
  8.  Left onto West 30th Street (northern side).
  9.  10:30 AM Arrive at 329-335 West 30th Street (across from French Apartments) - skit outside.
  10.  10:40 AM Depart 30th Street site.
  11.  Proceed west along West 30th Street.
  12.  Right onto Ninth Avenue and proceed north.
  13.  Right onto West 54th Street (northern side).
  14.  11:15 AM Arrive at St. George Church, 307 West 54th St. - enter downstairs hall for skit, snack, rest.
  15.  11:45 AM Depart St. George Church.
  16.  Proceed east along West 54th Street to Eighth Avenue.
  17.  Left onto Eighth Avenue and proceed north to Columbus Circle.
  18.  Continue north along the western side of Broadway.
  19.  Left onto West 85th Street (northern side).
  20.  12:30 PM Arrive at 325 West 85th Street (now Montessori School) - skit outside.
  21.  12:40 PM Depart 85th Street site.
  22.  Proceed west along West 85th Street to West End Avenue.
  23.  Right onto West End Avenue and proceed north.
  24.  1:00 PM Arrive at Church - skit, light lunch inside.

 October 1, 2017

125th Commemoration
Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

celebrated by

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America

 immediately followed by

125th Anniversary Formal Fundraising Luncheon
Honoring Julie and Nicholas Sakellariades

$125.00 per person
A portion of the proceeds go to the Church Restoration Fund

Sold Out! Thank you for your support.
Vintage Photo Campaign

Please look through your photo albums! As part of the 125th celebration the committee is looking for vintage photos that reflect the rich history of our parish and parishioners. If you have photos, there are a few ways to share them:
  1. Scan (300 ppi please) and then email to photos@annunciation-nyc.org
  2. Have a local photo-processing store scan to a disc and mail the disc.
  3. Bring them by the church office (advance appointment recommended).
  4. Mail originals to the church office. We will scan them and mail them back to you.

At left, artist Spiro Nicholas Rossolimo's post card painting of the interior of "Evangelisimos" at our previous location at 308-312 West 54th St, NY, NY 

We're especially interested in finding church and community photos from 1913-1938