Giving Center

Welcome to Annunciation's Giving Center 

We are truly humbled to receive any financial offering you can make to help the ministries of our Parish grow and thrive.

This page is presented for the convenience of donors who wish to make offerings online using credit card.  Be mindful of the fact that the church loses a percentage of each financial gift to online fees which we are required to pay to process the credit card transaction.  Alternatively, your offering by check or money order can be mailed via USPS to the church office.

The table below describes the category of your offering, a brief description of how that offering may be used to further the mission of His church, and a direct link to our PayPal donation page for the specific offering you wish to make.  Clicking the link navigates you to our private PayPal donation page.

Remember by clicking the button within table, you are selecting the category to which you want your offering to be applied.  Make sure to enter all the details on the donation screen so that we can properly acknowledge your generosity.

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Stewardship Offering

The fundamental premise of Stewardship is free-will giving, with each individual giving as he or she is able in order to advance the ministries of the Church. In accordance with the principle of free-will giving, there is no minimum or maximum Stewardship commitment. Money is a necessary tool for ministry. Every act of giving, no matter the size, makes a difference. Generosity is contagious. Parish’s ministries by your stewardship include Sunday School, Music Ministry, HOPE/JOY, Young Professionals and Midnight Run.

Your stewardship offering is the only offering considered in relation to concerns of "canonical good standing" and "parish membership".

Seasonal Offering

Your seasonal offering is directed toward the holiday needs of the church or a targeted project.  Due to the balcony ceiling collapse and restoration, this year the Christmas Offering is targeted towards these repairs.
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General Donation

A general donation to the church often goes towards general operating expenses, church maintenance costs and minor improvements, and can be also directed toward other mission works. General donations are essential for the church to thrive.

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Altar Fund / Sacrament Offering

Sacramental offerings for Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals (among others) are targeted to the Altar Fund.  Please consult Father Chrysostomos for the appropriate offering arrangements.

Altar Fund donations are targeted for specific religious needs of the church. These needs can include the purchase of icons, incense, candles, ecclesiastical items needed for services, or altar covers.


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Building Restoration
Capital Fund

Building Restoration Fund offerings are targeted to the renovation and/or restoration of the church sanctuary, building, and stained glass. These funds are transferred and secured in our Restoration Account until such time they are needed.

Note these funds may also be withdrawn for major emergency repairs to the church edifice.

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Tribute Offerings

Unless otherwise specified in one of the targeted donations above, Memorial and Tribute offerings are usually considered a general donation to the church.

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