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2012 Lenten Lectures

We are proud to announce our annual Lenten Lectures Series. The Lenten Lecture Series (LLS) has been a part of our parish's adult catechism program for over twenty years. The LLS is a great way to engage the minds of our stewards and friends. Topics in the past included: Death and Dying; The Holy Sacraments of the Church; The Meaning of Philanthropy.

The title of this year's lecture series is: Created in the Image of God. The speakers will discuss how they understand and experience this central tenet of the faith in their line of work. Our guests will have the chance to ask questions and engage in meaningful dialogue with each other.

Topics and Speaker Info
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Shaping the Image of God: Teaching with Love and Care

Mending the Shattered Image: 
Increasing our Capacity for Faith on the Path to Wholeness
Friday, March 9th: Maria Kratsios, LMSW

The Marvels of Philanthropy: Becoming Images of Service
Friday, March 16th: Stephanie Astic

The Price of Freedom Denied: 
Human Rights and the Image of God
Friday, March 23rd: Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, PhD