Adult Greek School

We are proud to offer a challenging Greek language program for teens and adults.  We offer three levels (Beginners, Elementary B, Intermediate) to accommodate one's knowledge of the language. 

                *Registration is held the first day of class* 

                                      (Fall Session 2017)

Classes                                                          Start                 End

Intermediate (Mondays 6-8pm)               October 9        December 4

Beginners 1 (Tuesday 6-8pm)                 October 10      December 5 

Beginner 2 (Wednesday 6-8pm)              October 11      December 6

Elementary  (Thursday 6-8pm)               October 12      December 7

                                    (Winter Session 2018)

Classes                                                      Start                 End

Beginners (Tuesday 6-8pm)                    January 9        March 13 

Intermediate (Wednesday 6-8pm)           January 10      March 14

Elementary B (Thursday 6-8pm)             January 11      March 15 

                                     (Spring Session 2018)

Classes                                                       Start               End

Beginners (Tuesday 6-8pm)                     March 20        May 29

Intermediate (Wednesday 6-8pm)           March 21         May 30

Elementary B (Thursday 6-8pm)             March 22         May 31

***There will be a one week recess for the Thanksgiving and Easter (Pascha) holidays respectively.
**We do not offer a Summer session**

For more information, please email Angela Pittas, our adult Greek language program teacher: