Adult Choir

Our twenty member Annunciation Choir consists of both professional and volunteer singers.

The choir celebrates Liturgy three Sundays per month during the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons.

Back Row: Michael Janaros Cofield, Choir Director; V. Rev. Archimandrite Father Chrysosotomos; Christos Stavropoulos, Protopsaltis

3rd Row: Niko Kazanjian; Nick Geroge; Felix Korenek; Samuel White

2nd Row: Mary E. Phillips; Lori A. Phillips; Chrissi Nicolas; Margareth Dominique; Maria Sakalis; Alexandra Kotis; Oswald Iraheta;

1st Row: Danai Gagne; Christina Kallas-Theophall; Marina Harrison; Olga Xanthopoulou; Eleni Hatzigiannis; Mara Waldman, Accompanist

Missing: Hillary Baboukis, Eleni Kalaitzdou, Kofi M. Hayford

We welcome new voices to join us. Rehearsals are held monthly. Volunteers are asked to attend all rehearsals. For more information e-mail Michael at

January 2022

2-Jan-22 No Choir

9-Jan-22 No Choir

16-Jan-22 No Choir

20-Jan-22 7:00 p.m. Rehearsal

23-Jan-22 10 a.m. Liturgy

30-Jan-22 10 a.m. Liturgy