2010-2011 Events

Youth Basketball Game

Saturday, November 12th

Annual Softball Game

Annual Baseball Outing

Saturday, November 12th

Philoptochos Movie Night

First Annual Greek Festival

Greek Wine Tasting

Tuesday, November 15th

Children's Basketball Game

Apple Picking

Families from Annunciation Sunday School trekked to Lawrence Farms on an Indian Summer day to pick apples this Columbus Day weekend. All had a marvelously good time. And... ate a lot of apples.

Young Professionals Greek Festival Kick-off Party

Hope and Joy Inaugural Program

Our first HOPE & JOY religious programs for children 4 through 12 years old was held on October 2nd and was a HUGE success. Click here to find out more about this wonderful program or send an email to hopejoy@annunciation-nyc.org.

Philoptochos Movie Night

Holy Week

2011 Greek Festival


Our community recently held its first Annual Greek Festival on Saturday, May 21st. After more than 30 years our community got together and showcased our faith and heritage to our Upper West Side neighbors. We all worked hard and put our best foot forward. We had well over 100 volunteers for the day, without whom we could never have pulled this off. We are grateful for all of our sponsors and those who offered a portion of their time, talent and treasure to our church home.

Kouvouklion Decoration

Children's Easter Egg Project

Children's Flower Project

Holy Week

Greek School Pageant & Luncheon

Greek Independence Parade

Children's Easter Egg Project

Rachmaninoff Benefit Concert

On Holy Thursday afternoon (April 21) from 3:30 pm-6:00 pm, our community hosted its annual children's Easter-Egg Project. Children of all ages and their parents were invited to participate in numerous arts & crafts projects. Among other activities, the children had a chance to decorate eggs and plant flowers. They also had a chance to ask Fr. Nathanael questions about our faith, including the significance of Holy Week.

Our community thanks Maria Sakalis and Stephanie Astic for spearheading the event. We are also thankful for the tremendous support offered by numerous parents, both in preparation and assisting the children on the day of the event.

Anyone interested in helping this event in the future, or if anyone is interested in introducing new activities or ministries at our church, please email Fr Nathanael: FrNathanael@Annunciation-NYC.org

to Feed and Clothe

NYC Homeless

Midnight Run

Children's Plant Project

Spring is in the Air!

On Saturday, April 2nd, under the supervision of Maria Sakalis, our community had a flower-planting project for our children. The children learned the importance of plants and had the opportunity to beautify our church’s wonderful grounds.

Pre-Lenten Get-together & Church Cleaning

Godparents Sunday &

Apokreatiko Glendi

Annunciation & Greek Independence Day

On Sunday, April 3rd, in Demas Hall, immediately following the Divine Services, our Sunday-School and Greek-School children presented a pageant for the Feast of the Annunciation and for Greek Independence Day. Our teachers, Voula Makrinou and Joanna Sterigou prepared a wonderful program of poems and songs that the children recited and sang, including the Greek National Anthem.

Our new pianist, Yannis Xylas, helped make the event extra special by accompanying the children for the first time!

A luncheon was also served for all families and friends of the Annunciation Church to enjoy.

We thank everyone who helped make this day especially memorable!

2011 Monastery Pilgrimage

2010 Christmas Toy Delivery

Ζήτω η Ελλάδα-Long Live Greece!

On Sunday, March 27th, the Annunciation Community officially participated in the Greek Independence Day Parade. Over 50 of our parishioners, both young and old, marched up 5th Avenue, celebrating the universal value of freedom that is inherently linked to our Hellenic ancestry. We hope that those who were unable to attend this year will have the chance to participate in next year's parade.

Greek Independence Day Parade

Rachmaninoff Benefit Concert

Music to our Ears!

On Saturday night, March 12th, the world-renowned Rachmaninoff Choir, under the direction of professor Anthony Antolini, performed Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Vespers" (1915). The choir was comprised of 90 professional singers and students from different parts of the United States, including, Maine, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Our guests enjoyed an evening of inspiring music that helped lift our minds and hearts to the heavens. We are most grateful for the work of our volunteers and for the continued support of our parishioners and friends.

Pre-Lenten Get-together & Church Cleaning

Working Hard for our Community!

On Thursday night, March 3rd, the parishioners and friends of the Annunciation Church attended a get-together and a community project at our church to help prepare us embark on the spiritual journey of Holy and Great Lent. Through this work, we were able to strengthening our commitment to the church and to each other.

After the community project, our church hosted a social get-together in Demas Hall, where we enjoyed great food and drinks, compliments of Kefi Restaurant. We even had our famous door prizes!

We thank everyone who volunteered and who helped prepare for this event. Our church is immaculate because of everyone's hard work!

Midnight Run to Feed and Clothe Homeless

Recognizing the Image of Christ in our Neighbors!

On Sunday, February 27th our community set out on a mission to feed and clothe the homeless of NYC. Following the Divine Liturgy and the fellowship hour, our volunteers prepared meals and care packages that were distributed to the people who are homeless. Even though it's called "Midnight Run," the groups that participate in the program visit the assigned locations via automobile. The homeless are informed ahead of time where to wait for the groups of volunteers.

We are planning future "Runs," and anyone who wishes to get involved can do so by speaking to Fr. Nathanael or any of the parish council members. We are currently taking stock of the clothing that has been donated and can use numerous items, including shoes, duffle/gym/hand bags, travel-size personal hygiene products. You can also help us by contributing some time in preparing meals and care packages, or by making a monetary contribution that will enable us to purchase necessary supplies.

We are currently in need of the following supplies/items:

Personal Care Products (can be offered any time):

1. Travel-sized personal care products (toothpaste, soap, skin lotion, deodorant, etc)

2. New & Clean Tube Socks (any color)

3. New & Clean Undergarments for men and women (any color; sizes: medium, large, x-large)

4. X-Large Rubbermaid Plastic Bins to store clothing

Food Items (to be donated a few days before the next run):

1. Small Packets of Candy

2. Cold-cuts (Turkey, Ham & Cheese)

3. Peanut Butter & Jelly

4. Wholewheat Sliced Bread

5. Small Plastic Sandwich Bags

6. Small Brown Paper Bags

7. Small Bottles of Water

8. Small Paper Cups

Godparents Sunday & Apokreatiko Glendi

A Wonderful Day with Family and Friends!

This year's "Big Three Event" (Godparents Sunday, Apokreatiko Glendi, and Greek Dancing) was truly amazing! With the support of our parishioners, friends, and family members of the Annunciation Church, our community had an unforgettable time!

After the Divine Liturgy, our community honored all godparents for their remarkable work and awesome responsibility. We then celebrated the start of Great Lent with a carnival.

With the assistance of her daughters, Presvytera Christina Stavroupoulos, mother of our own chanter, Christos Stavropoulos, guided us in the fine art of Greek dancing. We opened our program with one of the most popular dances, the Kalamatianos. We also danced the Pentozalis, the Tsamikos, Hassapiko, Kritiko Syrto and Pogonissios.

We thank everyone for their support and wish you all a blessed Great Lent

Monastery Pilgrimage 2011

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, five intrepid families, many of whom included three generations (yiayia, mamma, and grandkids), braved the near-zero temperatures, and embarked on the second annual Monastery Pilgrimage.

This year, our parishioners were guests of (Igumeni) Abbess Fotini at All Saints Monastery at 1676 Middle Road, in Calverton, Long Island (phone: 631-727-8505).

Our families, grandparents, parents, and children alike, look forward to these pilgrimages, to edify their Faith, to learn and gather insights on how to grow closer to Christ, and to strengthen the bonds of our community.

Read more about our trip here.

Christmas Toy Drive

Thanks to your support and good will, a group of parishioners and friends of the Annunciation Church were able to deliver well over 100 toys, books and teddy bears to hospitalized children on Christmas Eve. We were able to personally deliver the toys to children at the Metropolitan Hospital and at New York's Ronald McDonald House.

Our Young Professionals' Christmas get-together and toy drive not only offered us all an opportunity to develop new friendships, it gave us the chance to reaffirm our commitment to the church and to show our love for our neighbor at a time of need.

We are in the process of finalizing the details of our next get-together, and will send out information shortly. In the meantime, I hope you will appreciate the pictures from our toy drive.

Merry Christmas!