Children's Folk Dance Lessons

One of the new highlights of this year's Festival is Greek folk dances. Included in the festivities is a professional dance troop performing several dances from different parts of Greece.

We also want to see our children shine on that day! Our parish is offering lessons to the children to prepare them for their own mini performance on the day of the Greek Festival. Lessons are free of charge.

In order to prepare the children the best we can, we are asking parents to do their best to bring the kids to as many rehearsals as possible. Each rehearsal should be approximately 30-45 minutes. The rehearsal dates are as follows:

Sunday, April 22 (After the Divine Liturgy)

Friday, May 4th (After Greek School)

Saturday, May 5th (After Greek School)

Friday, May 11th (After Greek School)

Saturday, May 12th (After Greek School)

Sunday, May 13th (After the Divine Liturgy)

For more information, please call Helen and Helena: 646-853-5683 or 201-873-1579