Godparent Sunday

We cordially invites you to participate in our annual Godparents Sunday, Apokreatiko Glendi & our Greek Folk-Dance Workshop on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

Invite your godchildren or your own godparents (and/or a special person) to church this Sunday to receive Holy Communion together. Afterward, join us in Demas Hall for a luncheon, carnival "glendi" activities (children can wear costumes), and Greek folk dancing.

We will all have the chance to learn the fine art of Greek dancing!

We will open our program with one of the most popular dances, the Kalamatianos. Danced everywhere in Greece, its name originated from the southern Greek port of Kalamata as well as the word "mantili," which was a symbol of the traditional wedding ceremony. It is often the first dance to occur at Greek weddings, "Mandili Kalamatiano."

Also on the list of dances to be demonstrated:

Pentozalis: performed by both men and women and originated on the island of Crete. It consists of five (Pente) steps(Zala/vima) hence the Pentozalis!

Tsamikos: dates back to the 1821 era of the Turkish occupation and was danced by the men of the Greek resistance wearing the Greek military uniform of the Evzones.

Hassapito, Kritiko Syrto and Pogonissios

A luncheon will be served: Suggested good will donation:

Adults: $20; Children $10