Second Sunday of Lent

The Second Sunday Of Lent:

Sunday Of Saint Gregory Palamas

Icon of Saint Gregory Palamas provided by Theologic and used with permisson.

Learn About The Feast Of The Sunday Of Saint Gregory Palamas

On the Second Sunday of Lent the Orthodox Church commemorates our Holy Father Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica, the Wonderworker. The feast day of Saint Gregory Palamas is November 14, however, he is commemorated on this Sunday as the condemnation of his enemies and the vindication of his teachings by the Church in the 14th century was acclaimed as a second triumph of Orthodoxy. Learn More »

Listen To The Hymns From The Sunday Of Saint Gregory Palamas

Apolytikion (Plagal of the Fourth Tone)

Light of Orthodoxy, pillar and teacher of the Church, adornment of monastics, invincible champion of theologian, O Gregory, wonderworker, boast of Thessalonica, herald of grace: ever pray that our souls be saved. Listen »

Kontakion (Plagal Fourth Tone)

With one accord, we praise you as the sacred and divine vessel of wisdom and clear trumpet of theology, O our righteous Father Gregory of divine speech. As a mind that stands now before the Primal Mind, do you ever guide aright and lead our mind to Him, that we all may cry: Hail, O herald of grace divine.

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