Philoptochos Society



The 2021-2023 Officers of the Annunciation Philoptochos Chapter 40

Installed August 15, 2021

From left to right: Kalliope Kostas - Board Member; Kay Kalogerakis, Asst. Treasurer; Anastasia Nicholas, Treasurer;

Maria Sakalis, Esq., President; V. Rev. Archimandrite Father Chrysosotomos; Zoe Foundotos, Vice President;

Alexandra King, Secretary; Susan Williams - Board Member

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation has had a long history as part of the National Philoptochos Society of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America since the latter’s inception, in 1931, by the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I of blessed memory, who was then serving as Archbishop of North and South America.

The Annunciation – Evangelismos Philoptochos is one of the 480 Philoptochos chapters throughout the United States. The Annunciation-Evangelismos Philoptochos has participated in the historical evolution of Philoptochos when in the late 1950’s Archbishop Iakovos recommended that the Philoptochos place an increased emphasis on the implementation of important programs to benefit the Greek Orthodox community including but not limited to, institutions of the Church, the philanthropies of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and assistance to Greek and Greek Orthodox families. Involvement in social and moral issues encouraged the establishment of several committees to address topics such as child abuse prevention, domestic violence, homelessness, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and aging.

Since 1987, the Annunciation-Evangelismos Philoptochos has assisted the National Philoptochos to employ a professional Social Worker, engaged in assisting the Greek Orthodox community in the United States as well as Greek and Cypriot nationals. The Department of Social Services is a very important, vital element of our organization. The mission of the Department is to improve the quality of life of those in need, in a way that maintains the dignity and self-respect of individuals. Through confidential and professional services, the office provides outreach, education, information, support, intervention, motivation, advocacy, financial assistance and referral to local and broader resources.

It was during this period of time that the Annunciation-Evangelismos was blessed to have had three members become members of the National Philoptochos Board. These were the late Effie Venduras of blessed memory, Anne Gustave, and Kassandra Romas. Kassandra Romas currently serves on the National Philoptochos.

The Annunciation-Evangelismos actively supports the following charities

    • The Annual Vasilopita –

    • all proceeds go to Saint Basil’s Academy

    • Our Agape Fund

    • Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

    • Sisterhood of St. Basil Academy

    • Hellenic College Holy

    • Social Services Cancer Fund

    • Cross Scholarship Fund

    • Autism Assistance Fund

    • Retired Clergy and Widowed

    • Saint Photios Shrine

    • Presbyteres Fund

    • Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC)

    • National Philoptochos Emergency Fund

    • Hellenic College Holy Cross

    • Ecumenical Patriarchate

    • International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

    • Sisterhood of Presbyteres

    • 75th Anniversary Founders Fund

    • Benevolent Fund

    • UNICEF General Medical Fund