The Orthodox Church solemnizes marriages in which either the bride or the groom of the Orthodox faith seek to marry a Christian.

  • An Orthodox Christian bride and /or groom seeking to be married at the Annunciation must be in good standing and faithful stewards of the Annunciation or at another Greek Orthodox Parish.

  • A non-Orthodox spouse (bride or groom) must be able to provide documentation that they have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity with water in a Christian denomination.

  • Arrangements for your Sacrament of Marriage to be celebrated at the Annunciation is predicated on a participation in the Journey of Marriage Seminar (held quarterly throughout the tri-state area) in which both the Orthodox and non-Orthodox individuals must attend.

  • The sponsor (best man or maid of honor) in an Orthodox Marriage must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing, a faithful steward of the Annunciation or their local Orthodox parish and, if married, have been married in the Orthodox Church.

Note: Because life in the body of the Church is all-encompassing and cannot be compartmentalized, the Orthodox Church has determined that any Orthodox Christian that marries outside of the Orthodox Church in effect severs their ties with the Orthodox Church. As a result this forfeits their good standing in the Church. As such, an Orthodox Christian married outside of the Orthodox Church is not “in good standing,” they may no longer receive Holy Communion or participate in a formal capacity in any of the Sacraments and their role in parish life is severely limited.

General Requirements for the Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage in the Orthodox Church sanctifies the union of a man

who are brought into a communion of love for mutual companionship and fulfillment. This blessed union is not expressed through vows, but through a shared and committed relationship with the Risen Lord. In the Orthodox marriage ceremony, the priest, the couple and the congregation of family and friends pray that the Christian marriage of a man and a woman be sanctified and preserved by God in the image of Christ’s perfect union to the Church.

Setting The Date

Couples seeking to be married at The Annunciation must:

  1. Contact the Church office a minimum of six (6) months in advance in order to determine a date and time for the ceremony. (see exclusion dates below)

  2. Formally establish a date and time directly with Father Chrysostomos prior to making and/or finalizing any other arrangements.

  3. The rental of the Annunciation's Demas Hall for your wedding reception is independent of the church process with separate fees associated.

Pertinent Required Documentation

Required of both parties:

  1. Baptismal certificates

  2. Civil Divorce Decrees

  3. Ecclesiastical Divorce Decree (if a second marriage for an Orthodox Christian)

  4. Letters of Good Standing for an Orthodox Christian spouse or sponsor (best man/maid of honor)

Please contact Father Chryssostomos at the Church Office with any additional questions.

Exclusion Dates: The Church’s Liturgical calendar prohibits the celebration of the sacrament of marriage on the following days/dates:

December 13 until Christmas Day

January 5 & 6 (Theophany)

August 1 – 15 (Fast of the Dormition)

August 29 (The Beheading of St. John)

September 14 (Exaltation of the Cross)

During Great and Holy Lent through and including Easter/Anastasi

As well as a number of other major feast days.