Sunday School

"Raise up an athlete for Christ and teach him, even though he is living in the world, to be reverent from his earliest youth -- St. John Chrysostom, 4th c. On the Right Way to Bring Up Children

    • Kristin Giantris, Sunday School Director

    • Maria Weicker & Kristin Giantris, Pre-K and Kindergarten

    • Margarita Asimakis & Eleni Waters, Grades 1, 2, 3

    • Andrew Wideman, Grades 4,5

Please see our online calendar for important information.

The Greek Orthodox Archdioceses of America have made available these 10 printable articles originally published in PRAXIS magazine over the past several years to cover the key educational ideas and concepts that we have adopted in the Annunciation Sunday School.

We recommend that parents download and read these articles.

Why Educate in the Church at All?

Why Sunday Church School?

Does the Archdiocese Have a Curriculum?

Live the Liturgy. Teach the Liturgy.

Parents & Teachers: Partners in Teaching the Faith

What Your Child Should Know: The Goals and Objectives of Education in the Orthodox Church