Annunciation Sunday School

Annunciation offers three different classes of Sunday School for different ages. We offer class for Kindergarten – 2nd grade; Elementary/Middle School; and Junior Goya, which bridges Middle School to High School. Our K-2 focuses on learning more topics such as love, prayer and faith. This class uses age appropriate books provided by the Greek Orthodox Department of Religious Education, the Bible and other materials. Our older elementary/middle school class focuses on the next level of curriculum, "God Calls Us," and the scriptures and saints of the liturgical calendar. Our Junior Goya group bridges middle school to high school and applies the church's teachings- Serving God, Knowing Christ, Honesty, Peer Pressure, and the deep meaning of the church's feast days and holy texts. Every Sunday during the Divine Liturgy, children of all ages are invited to participate in Active Worship, where children and young people will engage in different types of activities from reading the Epistle, leading the Creed and the Lord's Prayer, and chanting with the chanters. The goal of Active Worship is that our children are actively participating in and living their faith each Sunday. Please join us every Sunday for Divine Liturgy and for Sunday School class following Holy Communion.